Sepac Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement 

Sepac Marine’s quality policy was written by the members of the organisation and thus reflects the culture of the organisation. The quality policy guides all employees to be committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and provides the framework for establishing and reviewing the quality objectives of the organisation. 

The quality policy is readily available, understandable to all in the organisation and reviewed for continual suitability.  The quality policy is available to external interested parties upon their official request. 

The “Sepac Marine Ltd” Quality Policy:

•    Sepac Marine works to understand, meet and exceed the specific needs and expectations of their clients, stakeholders and other interested parties within their extensive portfolio of quality principals. 
•    Sepac Marine strives through traditional and electronic means to be in constant and effective contact with principals thus providing timely and efficient service to its clients and partners. 

•    Sepac Marine furnishes its principals with the original enquiry and the customer with the original quotation thereby ensuring maximum transparency and value for money. 

•    Sepac Marine represents many blue-chip principals operating in the marine industry today. The quality of the principal is determined by quality of the product, quality of the service and demand in the local market for the product.

•    Sepac Marine ensures continuous improvement of product lines and service provided through active customer feedback and always in compliance with applicable Rules and Legislations. 

•    Sepac Marine is committed to establishing Quality Objectives and continuously reviewing these objectives in order to comply and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. 

•    Sepac Marine conducts itself in the most professional manner possible adhering to the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2015.